What Is Father(Dad)

Dad. Who is Dad?

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 The roof under which you are safe today! Have fun – you are in a dry chain, the foundation of the building is Dad !!

So, never use the word “he” … you don’t know if you keep quiet !! Please, Dad! As a duty !!

(Always give respect, even if 100 mistakes happen every now and then …. love your life decorator)

A character who stays out from morning to evening. The window in the house may have been created for Dad, because no one is waiting as much as Dad.

Dad is the family member who spends the least time with family.

At every festival and occasion, the last entry from Sai to the house is made by Dad.

The one who has sunbathed more than a hundred times, and the one who has been a driver more than a hundred times in the bitter cold, is the father.

The page of the Joker in Ganjifa is Dad.

Which can be used anywhere. A .. sometimes becomes a driver, sometimes a plumber, sometimes a swollen, sometimes a daughter’s horse. Even if they are not on the border, but every dad soldier is certain. In her strong arms the whole house feels warmth and security.

Daddy is a pipal tree that provides more oxygen than a hundred, yet it rarely finds a place in the yard. Be more out of it. Dad would turn the car around for medicine, milk or vegetables on a mobile phone ring as he approached the house at night. So, as soon as you set foot in the house, the check list of desires and complaints has been placed against the father.

The father is the one who has to wait from morning to evening to get his hands on the daughter’s head, and also the one who has to go looking for her when the daughter leaves.

Dad: A roaring sea of ​​emotion, but that emotion may not be flowing like a river. To feel it, you have to pierce its chest like a diamond and go to its heart.

 Dad is not just a cup of tea and a morning print but also a running bank paying the printing bill and the price of tea.

Dad is not just snoring. He can reach the hospital by driving even in the middle of the night.

We don’t value Dad every day. He runs so he doesn’t pay attention to it. Complaints of back pain or pain in the heart do not reach our ears ….. so we always feel fit. Also …. !! Many wandering fathers do not wake up in the morning and have to talk to her a lot. Do you know how many noises are responsible for this silent attack?

A father is an old man who gets confused in his mind and still gives courage from outside till his son gets a job and daughter gets a good father-in-law.

The daughter goes to her father-in-law and suddenly autumn sits in this tree named Dad. The evening sun has also faded from his glasses. But the tears of her eyes never cross the boundaries of her core.

At the time of her daughter’s departure, perhaps that is why Aagha is going back. Because once this closure is broken, then the city of the city will be tense.

Dad … who can sit on his shoulder and watch the fair and if we drown in the stock market, who can cry on his shoulder.

Pappa means a journey to Hey Ram, the value of which can be assessed only after his final residency.

Looking at the line of cars coming behind him in the final journey of a father who did not know what he had been doing all his life, one can know how much he would have been doing without speaking all his life !!!

Dad: You are not the visible house, you are the foundation of the invisible building. You are not a flower, you are a fragrance. You are not the way. Do sign board. You keep showing the way even in the dark.

You are a person of the house from whose money we have not fulfilled the wish or not but we have got two loaves of bread from it.

You have to give the roof raw or paki. If we are enjoying the sleep of peace then your eyes must have got a certain awakening *. Always hurt the tenderness hidden behind Dad’s hard heart !!

Dad may not understand your new technology or new IT in the world or if it is less fave … explain it with a light hearted love but never say that you don’t know! Shut up !!

 Especially, not in the presence of mom or in the presence of your daughter-in-law or boy-girl !!!

 Why, in your absence there will be more abusive behavior with Dad than your boy or girl or brides !! So never let such a moment come !!

 Today’s computers and mobs. Don’t be busy in the age, pay attention to social or household chores.

 Always give respect, even if 100 mistakes happen !!

 Survey dedicated to Bapuji, Bapa, Pappa, Pita

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