All Competitive Exam Important Question &Answer

All Exam Important Question & Answer

1) Where is Small Panoti temple located?- Near Jeorpati village (Narmada)

2) How many ministers were there in the first Cabinet of Gujarat? 12

3) Where was the swearing-in ceremony of the first cabinet of Gujarat? – Sabarmati Ashram

4) Gujarat Congress convened a meeting in Mahmudism in which how many states were recommended to be formed in place of Mumbai? -3

5) Who founded the Home Rule League in Ahmedabad?- Maganbhai Patel

6) Who set up a secret radio station in Mumbai for Quit India propaganda? – Usha Mehta

7) News of Gandhiji’s arrest during the Quit Hind movement began to spread through which code word? – Pantaloon

8) Who is called the August revolution in the history of India? – Quit India Movement

9) Who was the Chief Minister of Gujarat who participated in Gandhiji’s personal satyagraha? – Babubhai Patel

10) Who were the martyrs of Dandiyatra?- Vitthalbhai Lallubhai

11) Who was arrested before the start of Dandiyatra and from where?- Sardar Patel Ras village

12) From where did Gandhi take the pledge of wearing short clothes? – On 31 March 1921 at the Vijayawada Convention

13) At which port did Gandhi land when he first visited Africa? – Durban

14) Which dignitary left Hindu Sevak Samaj and joined Home Rule League?- Indulal Yagnik

15) Who founded Abhinav Bharat Sanstha? – Veer Savarkar

16) In which city of Gujarat is the branch of Abhinav Bharat Sanstha?- Vadodara

17) Who was the working president of Ahmedabad Convention of 1921? – Hakeem Ajmal Khan

18) Who was the President of Ahmedabad Congress Session of 1902? – Surendranath Banerjee

19) Who was the President of Reception of Ahmedabad Congress Session of 1902? – Ambalal Sakarlal Desai

20) Kanaiyalal Munshi volunteered in which convention? Ahmedabad 1902

21) In which name did Nanasaheb stay in the temple of Gomteswar Mahadev in Shihora? – Dayanand Saraswati

22) The Poor Education Promotion Institute of Mumbai prepared a series of textbooks with the help of which Gujarati? – Ranchodlal Zaveri

23) Who looted the treasury of Godhra and Jalod during the 1857 war?- Tatya Tope

24) Where was the first post office established in Saurashtra? – Dholera, AD 1824

25) With a baton in his arm, Moi, taking the mansion and losing Gujarat, for whom is this said? – Peshwa Subo Shelulkar

27) Where was the slavery agreement made?= Khambhat

28) Who was the last king of Peshwas of Poona in Gujarat? – Aba Shelulkar

29) Who is called Akbar of Gujarat history? – Mohammad Bagdaw

30) Original name of Sayajirao Gaekwad? – Gopal Rao

31) Rani Asani of which ruler built Rani Sipri Masjid at Ahmedabad? – Mohammad Bagdaw

32) Who was ruling Gujarat when Mughal Emperor Babur invaded India? – Muzaffar Shah II

33) Who invited Akbar to invade Gujarat? – Wazir Itimadkhan

34) Battle of Dabhoi 1731 was fought between whom? – Bajirao I and Trimbakrao

35) Which king of Gujarat is called colorful Mijaji?- Karnadev Vaghela

36) Which queen of Karnadev II did Allauddin Khilji make as his queen?- Kamaladevi

37) Whose time is the second Golden Age in Gujarat? – Thrifty and fastidious

38) Who built the steps of Girnar?- Kumarpal

39) Who founded Salkhanpur near Gambhap after his mother?- Lavanaprasa

40) Who were the Mahamatyos of Siddharaja? – Munjal Mehta and Shantanu Mehta

41) On which day was Gandhiji assassinated? – Friday

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