Complete information about Mahatma Gandhi,Father of India

ભારતના રાષ્ટ્રીયપિતા મહાત્મા ગાંધી વિષે સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી || Complete information about Mahatma Gandhi, Father of India

1). Gandhiji’s birthday falls on which date? – Rentia Baras (Bhadrava Vad Baras)

2). Who established Shamal Das College, the college where Gandhiji studied? – Sir Takht Singhji – 1855

3). Who recommended sending Gandhiji to England? – Uncle Dave

4). Whose case did Gandhiji go to South Africa to fight? – Seth Abdullah of Porbandar

5). Which organization was founded by Gandhiji in South Africa? – Natal India Congress

6). Which newspaper did Gandhiji run in Africa? – Indian Opinion

7). Celebrating the day Gandhiji returned to India as Indian Tourist Day was reviewed by whom? – Laxmimal Singhvi

8). Who was the Viceroy when Gandhi canceled the Viramgam duty? — Lord Chelmsford

9). Where was Gandhiji taken when he fell ill during Kheda Satyagraha? – Matheran

10). In Champaran, the Europeans forced the farmers to adopt which method of cultivation? – Tin Kathia

11). Where was Gandhiji arrested during the protest against Rowlatt Act? – Palwal (Haryana)

12). Gujarat Vidyapith was founded by Gandhiji in whose house?. – Dahyabhai Mehta

13). Who was the first woman Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith? ? – Sushila Nair

14). Who was the founder of Khadi Mandir in Ahmedabad? – Sharadabhen Mehta

15). Which Satyagraha is called Kshipravijayi Satyagraha? – Borsad Satyagraha

16). Who suggested Dandi village for Dandi march to Gandhiji? – Kalyanji Mehta

17). In which village was the first overnight stay during the Dandi march? – Authenticity

18). Who was the Prime Minister of England during the three Round Table Conferences? – Ramsay Macdonald

19). Whose proposals did Gandhi compare to a post-dated cheque? – Proposals of the Cripps Mission

20). Who suggested the name Hind Chocho? – Yusuf Mehraali

21).Gandhiji gave the title of Mirabai to whom? – Madeleine Slade

22). Who was known as Gandhiji’s Khepia? – Narayambhai Desai

23). Who represented the laborers in the Ahmedabad Millajur strike? – Shankarlal Banker

24). If Gandhi was arrested during the Dandi march, who was given the lead? – Abbas Tayyabji

25). From which year did Gandhi give up milk? – 1912

26). How many people signed the Satyagraha resolution against Rowlatt Act – 24

27). Who tried to apostate Gandhiji by eating his flesh? – Sheikh Mehtab

28). Who removed Gandhi’s fear of ghosts? – Maid Rambha

29). Who built Kirti Mandir, Gandhiji’s Porbandar residence? – Nanji Kalidas Mehta

30). What was Gandhiji’s favorite game as a student? – Long jump

31). How many rupees were received from the salt padiki made during the salt satyagraha? – 1600 rupees

32). Who taught Gandhi the first lesson of non-violence? – Dadabhai Navroji

33). Where are most Gandhighars found in India – Karnataka

34).Which book did Gandhiji write for the children of Gujarat Vidyapith? – Walking carriage

35). To whom did Gandhiji give the title of king of beggars? -Madanamohan Malviya

36). Where was Gandhiji imprisoned during the Quit Hind movement? – Aga Khan Palace Pune

37). In which Satyagraha did Gandhi get the title of Bapu? – Champaran Satyagraha

38). On which day did Gandhiji keep a silent fast? – On Monday

39). Who played the role of journalist during Dandiyatra?- Kanubhai Desai

40). Who was the Hind Wazir of India at the time of Wavell Plan? – LS Emery

41). Where was Gandhiji assassinated? – Birla House

42). Where was the FIR of Gandhi’s murder registered? – Tughlaq Road Police Station, Delhi

43). Where are the bloody clothes and glasses of Gandhi ji’s death time kept? – Madurai Museum

44). Who advised Gandhiji to drink goat’s milk? – Dr. Broker

45). Gandhiji was the editor of which magazine? – Young India

46). Where was India’s first Gandhi temple built? – Mahadevpuri, Kutch

47). Where is the tallest statue of Gandhi in the world – Patna

48). Who named Gandhiji’s residence Hradiakunj? – Jaishankar Maharaj

49). Who first gave Gandhi the spinning wheel – Gangaben Majumdar

50). Who wrote the poem Hari Hanslo, a tribute to Gandhiji? – Balamukunda Dave

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