GK Point : The contribution of women

The contribution of women

1). Which Gujju Sannari has been honored as a skilled manager in the field of milk production?

– Dr. Amrita Patel; Padma Bhushan International Dairy Person Paru

2). Who was the first woman president in the history of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce?

– Jayakrishna; He was elected as the President for the year 2007-2008.

3). Who is the founder of Assamese Song Joon Colors Ltd. and Chairperson of Akshar Chem (India) Ltd.?

– Paru Jayakrishna; Dyes and Chemical Industry

4). Who was the first woman to contribute to the field of aviation?

– Sumatibehan Morarji

5). Who was the first woman principal of Gujarat Parvata Rohan Training School in Mount Abu?

– Nandini Dhruvkunar

6).Santokba Premjibhai Dudhat is a world-famous female artist for which art?

– Painting, after spending 70 years of life as a farm worker, suddenly burst into the world of painting!

7). Who holds the distinction of being the first woman photo generalist in India?

– Homai Vyarawala; He died in 2013 at the age of 98. He worked from 1937 to 1970.

8). Which artist of Gujarat is world famous in the world of sculpture?

– Jashuben

9). Name the woman artiste who took puppetry to the world stage.

– Meherbehan Contractor

10). Where did Nrityu Premi Mahila establish Darpan Academy of Performing Arts?

– Mrinalinibehan Sarabhai; It was established in 1949.

11). Name the famous Zhaveri Sisters in Manipuri dance. Which Gujju became Sannari?

– Nayana Zaveri – Darshana Zaveri

12). Name the Gujarat Sannari who is constantly traveling as a world traveler.

– Pritisen Gupta; Has traveled to more than one hundred countries. Constantly known as a lifelong traveler.

13). Who was the first woman Vice-Chancellor of Indian Women’s University??

– Hansabhen Mehta

14). Who was the first woman to graduate among Gujarati women?

– Sharadabehan Mehta-Vidyabehan Mehta; B. in 1901 with Logic and Moral Philosophy subjects. A passed the exam.

15). Who was the founder of Delhi Gujarati Society?

– Vidyabehan Shah

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