Gujarat na Loknutya || All folk dances of Gujarat

Gujarat na Loknutya||Folk dances of Gujarat :

(1) Jaga dance :

  •  –> A dance performed on the occasion of Janoi, Srimant or Navratri by placing the Jawara on the head.

(2) Marayo dance :

  •  –> is a folk dance of the Thakoros of Banaskantha.

(3) Handkerchief dance :

  •  –> Thakors of Mehsana district dance with handkerchiefs on the occasion of Holi and fairs.

(4) Charkhi dance :

  •  –> Porbandar is a dance of Mer caste people.

(5) Dungardev dance :

  •  –> Dang is a folk dance of tribals.

(6) Gough Gunthan Ross :

  •  –> A dance of the Kolis and Kanbis of Saurashtra in which a beautiful knot of colored thread is tied and untied with the dance.

(7) Rasada :

  •  –> Dance performed by men of Saurashtra on religious and social occasions.

(8) Dandiya Ras :

  •  –> Dance of Saurashtra men and especially Mer men.

(9) Comment dance of Saurashtra :

  •  –> Shramhari dance of Chorwad koli sisters, as well as dance of Kharvan sisters.

(10) Garbo :

  •  –> During Navratri, dancing, sangha dance performed by women to worship Mataji, sometimes men join.

(11) Poverty :

  •  –> Garbi is a union dance performed mostly by men.

(12) Hinch dance :

  •  –> Gagar Hinch dance is popular in Bhal Pradesh and Kathiawad.
  •  –> On the occasion of marriage, dance is performed to the beat of drums.
  •  –> Hinch dance is also performed with a plate or pot in hand.

(13) Manjira Dance of the Padharos :

  •  –> Sangha dance performed by Bhal-Nalakantha padhars with the beautiful harmony of Manjira.

(14) Doka and Huda Ras of shepherds :

  •  –> Shepherds of Saurashtra perform Dok Raas with parona or paronis in their hands while in Huda Ras, shepherds and shepherds perform sangha dance facing each other with hand claps and foot steps to the beat of dhol.

(15) Thaga dance :

  •  –> A dance performed by the Thakoras of North Gujarat especially on the occasion of Holi festival with dhokas and swords in hand.

(16) Holi dance of Vanzara :

  •  –> Marwaris living in Gujarat play Holi by placing a big mridanga on the man’s shoulder and women dance with handkerchiefs in their hands.

(17) Dholo Rano :

  •  –> Kolis of Gohelwad Panthak perform this dance when the crops are harvested.

(18) Chili dance :

  •  –> On the occasion of marriage, the sisters of the Turi community dance by hand gestures without clapping.

(19) Dhamal dance of Siddis :

  •  –> This dance is performed by Mushira (big drum), Dhamal (small drum) and women’s flutes ‘Mayimi Saran’.

(20) Bedan dance of Vanzara :

  •  –> Vanzari sisters dance with seven bundles on their heads.

(21) Hali dance :

  •  –> It is a folk dance of tribals of Surat district.

(22) Gheriya dance :

  •  –> It is a folk dance of the tribals of South Gujarat.

(23) War dance of the Bhils of Panchmahal :

  •  –> The Bhil tribals of Panchmahal dance with weapons such as arrows, spears etc.

(24) Tur-dance of Halpatis :

  •  –> The Halapati tribals of South Gujarat dance together on the occasion of wedding or Holi festival by beating a bronze plate with a stick.

(25) Mandwa dance :

  •  –> Tadvi is a folk dance of the tribals of Vadodara district.

(26) Tribal sword dance :

  •  –> The tribal men of Dahod area dance with a cloth tied on their head, wearing a black khaba on their body, and carrying a sword tied with a buka.

(27) Hunting dance :

  •  –> The tribals of Dharampur region perform a hunting dance by posing as if they are going hunting with arrows and spears.

(28) ‘Chala’ dance of tribals of Dang district :

  •  –> The Dangi dance of the tribals of Dang district is known as ‘Chala’.

(29) Aleani-Haleni dance :

  •  –> It is the season dance of tribal girls of Tadvi caste of Vadodara district.

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